State enacts pitch count for high school baseball – New York News

State enacts pitch count for high school baseball – New York News

Now it will be high school baseball coaches, and not just batters, who will be working the counts.

High school baseball pitchers in New York will be on a pitch count, following a positive vote Friday by the Executive Committee of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association.

“It’s a good thing for baseball players in New York state,” said Ed Dopp, Shaker’s athletic director, the state baseball coordinator and incoming executive director of Section II. “It’s a great first step in helping and protecting baseball players.”

The pitch count rule will be in place for varsity, junior varsity, freshman and modified-level play.

During the regular season, varsity pitchers will be allowed to throw between 96 and 105 pitches on four days’ rest, between 66 and 95 pitches on three days’ rest, between 31 and 65 pitches on two days’ rest, and between one and 30 pitches on one days’ rest. The varsity pitch counts are sightly higher for postseason play. For example, a pitcher can throw between 103 and 125 pitches  on four days’ rest, and between 72 and 102 on three days’ rest.

“We’ve always had a pitching rule based on innings for a week,” Dopp said. “The NFHS [National Federation of High Schools] mandated we come out with standards for number of pitches and days’ rest, based on the safety factor.

“Without question this is a big game-changer. How much, we’ll find out and then we’ll review. I wouldn’t be surprised if after we look at it there may be some tweaking of it.”

Pitch counts will be kept by the teams playing, and pitch count forms will have to be signed…

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