Nursing program debated – News – Pennsylvania News

Nursing program debated – News – Pennsylvania News

The former director of the practical nursing program at the Hazleton Area Career Center can’t understand how the program lost money, as school Director Vincent Zola claims.

Bernice Platek also told the Hazleton Area School Board on Thursday night the reason the program is under review is because not enough graduates of the program took and passed state nursing boards within the last year to meet state standards.

The program is still in operation, as a new class just began that will last 18 months.

“I’m not quite sure where you are getting your figures from,” Platek told Zola. “Our students pay a $14,000 (total) tuition. In the last class, there were 30 students that started, and we graduated 22. Each level they completed, they paid the tuition, so 22 students paid the full amount, and the other eight paid two semesters of tuition.

“You took in 300 and some thousand dollars. The highest paid teacher was $68,000 and the other teacher $43,000, and we paid $33,000 in benefits. The third teacher was a part-time teacher who we didn’t pay out benefits for. I just can’t see how there was a loss.”

Zola said according to figures supplied to him by Anthony Ryba, the district’s business manager, the program lost money.

“The program lost over $50,000. That is fact,” Zola said. “That was just one year I looked at. The numbers I got were directly from the business office.

“Without a person to run it,” he said, “and the program lost money, my only concern is can we better use that space, can we better use the…

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