2017 election questionnaire: Michael Needham, candidate for Minooka trustee – Illinois News

2017 election questionnaire: Michael Needham, candidate for Minooka trustee –  Illinois News

Minooka trustee candidate Michael Needham submitted this questionnaire, answering The Herald-News’ questions about the 2017 trustee race.

Name: Michael Gerard Needham Jr

Political party: Unaffiliated, but with conservative fiscal views and liberal social views

Age: 18

Address: 608 Maplewood DrMinooka Il 60447

Marital status: Single

Significant other: None

Profession: Student

Employer: None

Email address: michaelgerard99@gmail.com

Website: None

Children: None

Education: Senior at Minooka Community High School, graduating May 2017

Why are you running for Minooka trustee?

I am a young person trying to get a start on a political lifestyle. I believe serving the people of my community will give me the experience i need. I see our village as a community closer than any other. Our programs let us build together and I would be most honored to represent us. I also want to get a younger adult crowd into politics as it will be with us all of our lives.

What are your qualifications to serve as a trustee?

I am current on all political and Social Issues. My educational focus has been on Political Science and Government. I have worked with the Minooka Police Department through the Explorer program. I have been a volunteer for many community events. I have talked with many residents in the community to determine what they consider the most concerning issues faced by the community.

What are the greatest challenges Minooka is facing in the coming years?

The winters pose a threat to our vital roadways and i would like to decrease our response time and have our streets clean so people can go to work in the mornings.

another rising issue is community growth….

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