CAP glider pilots in training – Georgia News

CAP glider pilots in training – Georgia News


Georgia Wing of the Civil Air Patrol Glider Operations was training in Warms Springs Roosevelt Airport Saturday.

Lt. Col. David Mitchell, Glider Operations Director said, “Great job by volunteers at Warm Springs Saturday with new and recurrent qualifications for Cadet Orientation Glider Pilots and Tow Pilots.

Of special note is the completion of Major David Serafin’s CAP glider rating as a CAP Glider Pilot and Cadet Orientation Pilot. Dave began his glider training in the Georgia Wing Glider Training Clinic held in 2015 at Warm Springs where he soloed a glider for the first time. Continuing to accumulate solo flights with CAP towards the required twenty flights for a Commercial Glider add on to his pilot’s license.

Major Serafin completed his certificate a few months back and now is fully qualified with CAP and anxious to start introducing cadets to aviation in our glider.

”Since I joined Civil Air Patrol in 2007 I know of no other pilot who started flying gliders with CAP and took it all the way to becoming an asset for our cadets.”

Saturday’s volunteer team included, pilots Maj. James King, Capt. George Woods, Maj. David Serafin and Lt. Col. Greg Clasen are members of the Peachtree City Falcon Field Composite Squadron, Maj. Greg Browning is from the Griffin Composite Squadron.

Lt. Col. David Mitchell, added, “There are planned glider Cadet Orientation flights for this coming Saturday, March 18 at Warm Springs Roosevelt airport, with several cadets who have been canceled the last three attempts due to weather. Hopefully the weather will be great. We will be publishing a schedule shortly to fly…

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