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Clay Vincent has only until the end of the month before his nearly 35-year stint as the Hill County sanitarian-planner is over and his assistant, Amy Ferguson, takes over as county planner.

It is unknown, as of now, he said, what the county commissioners will do about the sanitarian void that will be left, but they have a little buffer of time before needing to figure something out.

“Inspection duties will be caught up at least till July or August, and then they’ll decide if we’ll get someone part or full time, maybe look at a regional thing, with several counties around here,” he said.

As for Ferguson, she’ll be able to be reached at the same number as Vincent, and she will do everything Vincent has been doing as a planner, he said.

“She’ ll work on zoning permits, new addresses, whatever rules the Legislature is coming up with, landfill issues, equipment purchases, what to do with things like asbestos or oil materials,” he said.

A lot has happened in 35 years, Vincent said, looking back on a few big projects his office has been involved in. For starters, Walmart came into Havre under his tutelage, he said.

“You do all the working with the engineers, getting it sided, seeing if the zoning is appropriate, trying to figure out if the water and sewer, fire protecting, so on and so forth,” he said.

The implementation of the county addressing system for 911 was another significant step for the people of Hill County , he added.

“Getting people a locatable address – if they have an emergency, being able to pick that up, put that number in there and the ambulance or sheriff can find them,” he said.

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