Crow Wing County Board: Board gives land services tech project go-ahead – Minnesota News

Crow Wing County Board: Board gives land services tech project go-ahead – Minnesota News

“The system we have now is woefully outdated,” Liedl said.

A new system would provide “more fairness and transparency and consistency in our assessment of properties,” Liedl said.

“It will make us better,” he said. “One of the best—the best—is what we strive for.”

One advantage of a new system is connectivity with the tablets the appraisers use in the field, allowing information gathered to be placed directly into the database rather than requiring a doubling of efforts toward data entry. The system might also simplify the county’s parcel identification system, assigning less complicated ID numbers to parcels.

Another way the system could be simplified with the help of a new system would be to consolidate ownership of multiple parcels into one tax statement.

“We’re the only county in the state that the parcel size cannot be bigger than 40 acres,” Liedl said. “It doesn’t really make sense now. … If we could combine parcels under single ownership, that would really help administratively.”

Sam Bedard, property assessor, told the board using a computer-assisted mass appraisal system improves consistency of how properties are valued and described.

The project is expected to be complete and the database system would go live by Dec. 31, 2018.

Liedl, whose resignation was accepted by the board Tuesday, will remain as the project manager for the transition to the new program. He will earn a $60,000 salary plus benefits to oversee the project to its completion, which coincides with the remainder of his term as county recorder.

In other business, the county board:

Opted to offer no comment and to waive a 30-day review period for a…

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