Foundation considers leadership structure – Post-Tribune – Indiana News

Foundation considers leadership structure – Post-Tribune –  Indiana News

A movement is under way to change how the leadership of Porter County’s foundation board is structured as the board gets ready to decide what to do with millions of dollars in proceeds.

The Board of Commissioners and the County Council make up the board of the foundation, which was created to handle much of the proceeds from the 2007 sale of the county hospital. County officials have said that after one year of investment, which comes up next month, they would begin serious discussion about what to do with funds it generated.

A legislative change in July 2015 allowed the county to move forward with creating the foundation, the first of its kind in the state, to hold about $148 million from the hospital sale. The goal of the foundation was to increase the yield from investing the hospital proceeds.

County Councilman Dan Whitten, D-At large, has led the foundation since its inception after being chosen to do so by the board but he and other board members will consider a bi-partisan approach for the foundation’s leadership at a Tuesday meeting. Whitten was previously president of the County Council when Democrats had a majority on that board.

Not everyone is in favor of co-chairs for the foundation. Commissioner Jim Biggs, R-North, prefers the board continue to have one leader, though he said he appreciates the attempt to remove politics from the post.

“I don’t see where that accomplishes anything. I am a fan of that chair rotating on a biennial basis,” Biggs said, adding that rotation also could be between the council and commissioners.

Because Republicans dominate the council…

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