Gibbons sports teams still feeling effects of fire – New York News

Gibbons sports teams still feeling effects of fire – New York News

SCHENECTADY — The arson fire that destroyed the athletic field house at Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons School in October has impacted much more than the Holy Trinity football team that calls it their home.

The school’s baseball, soccer and track and field teams all lost equipment in the blaze, and the track and field team will have to alter its practice plans while the facility located behind ND-BG on Albany Street is being rebuilt.

“A corner of the track has been fenced off,” Holy Trinity football coach John Barber said. “They can’t practice there.”

The Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons administration was informed recently by its contractor that the corner of the track closest to the field house falls within the safety zone necessary for demolition and reconstruction.

“Where it’s going to hurt us is the 400 and up, and the hurdles, which we liked to do on that side,” Golden Knights track and field coach Jonathan Broderick said. “We’ll have to work everything on the other side of the track. We’ll work around it.”

The track and field team lost or had damage done to jumping pit supplies, hurdles and starting blocks in the fire. Among other things lost or damaged was equipment used to maintain the school’s playing fields and surrounding grounds.

“A while back, I was told if I had anything in there to get it out,” Broderick said. “Our hurdles were melted. You could still smell it.”

The cinder track surrounds the football field and is used for physical education classes and ND-BG practices because it is not of meet regulation size. The Golden Knights, who compete in the Western…

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