Keep the Pack intact, says Joe Santoro – Nevada News

Keep the Pack intact, says Joe Santoro – Nevada News

Eric Musselman and Cam Oliver should stay right where they are.

Dollar signs. The possibility of national and world championships. Rubbing elbows with Mike Krzyzewski, Rick Pitino, LeBron James and Kevin Durant. The lure of competing at the highest level. Millions of adoring fans. No annoying recruiting trips. No irritating classes. Shoe contracts. Endorsement deals. Did we mention dollar signs? All those things and more are trying to lure Musselman and Oliver out of Nevada right now.

Well, it’s time the Nevada Wolf Pack coach and sophomore center head to a quiet place, take a deep breath, smell the sagebrush and appreciate their current surroundings. Once they clear their head of all those tempting dollar signs they will no doubt come to the realization that north Virginia Street is a pretty good place to be right now. Musselman and Oliver simply need to buy in to the Jim Harbaugh school of positive thinking, turn and look at each other and declare, “Who’s got it better than us?” And unless they are already walking around town with sunglasses sporting huge dollar signs on each lens, the only answer they can realistically come to is, “Nobody.”

They need to stay.

The dollar signs can wait.

For all we know, Musselman and Oliver have already decided to come back to Nevada for the 2017-18 season. For all we know they are just basking in the glory of winning a Mountain West regular season and tournament title and going to the NCAA tournament. For all we know they are just sitting back and enjoying seeing their name connected to the NBA and big-time college basketball programs. Yes, Wolf Pack fans have sweaty palms…

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