Law enforcement blotter: Friday, March 17 through Sunday, March 19 – Minnesota News

Law enforcement blotter: Friday, March 17 through Sunday, March 19 – Minnesota News

Property damage crash, two vehicle at stop sign, Brandon.

Check welfare of person, Hoffman post office called Grant County stating a male has not picked up his mail in three days and that is unusual, there are two well behaved pit bulls on the farm, party was found to be in the hospital, Hoffman.

Check welfare of person, comp stating her mom told her she would be to her house in five minutes and never showed up, comp is concerned due to some recent family events, called comp back, she said her mom just arrived in Alex and everything was fine, Evansville.

Fraud, unauthorized credit card use, Miltona.

Gas leak, comp’s carbon monoxide alarms have been going off even after changing the battery, comp left the home and stated he is feeling well, comp given two phone numbers for someone to come out with a meter, Osakis.

Public assist, property exchange.

Abandoned vehicle, comp stating there is an abandoned white car about 50 yards off the road in some trees on the south side of the road., the vehicle is somewhat visible from the road and it has been there for at least a week, located vehicle sitting on a trailer which you can’t see from the road, will talk to property owner to make sure it’s supposed to be there, Carlos.

Public assist, patient on a hold took off, Alex.

Public assist, while sister was in Douglas County Jail comp kept her daughter, she got released yesterday and picked up daughter today while comp was at work, comp is concerned about her mental state and would like a welfare check but has unknown  whereabouts, party was found at her mom’s house in Evansville, child and mom were fine, nothing further,…

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