The Jefferson Post | Senate Republicans look to ‘Trumpify’ NC’s tax code – North Carolina News

The Jefferson Post | Senate Republicans look to ‘Trumpify’ NC’s tax code –  North Carolina News

Donald Trump has always been well known for his “act first, worry about the mess later” approach to the world around him. Long before he became President, the blustering billionaire fashioned a notorious career predicated upon some crude and simplistic tactics familiar to any schoolyard bully – yell the loudest and grab what you can for yourself, intimidate opponents, deny the existence of complexity and gray areas and dumb things down as much as possible, appeal to people’s baser instincts like fear and selfishness and always, always, always, elevate the present over the future.

Trump’s “me-first-and-right-now” style of operating has been on full display in Washington in recent weeks and now, tragically, it appears to be influencing conservative politicians all over the country. A classic case in point is a proposed constitutional amendment scheduled to be discussed in the Finance Committee of the North Carolina Senate this week. It ought to be called the “Damn the future and any notion that we’ll ever improve education or strengthen any other essential public services and structures amendment.” Perhaps “Trump Amendment” might be an apt shorthand reference.

Arbitrary and artificial tax caps strike again

The premise of the new proposal to “Trumpify” the North Carolina tax code is simple and, not surprisingly, simplistic. Under the proposed amendment, the state income tax would be permanently capped at 5.5%. Much as they did with the Senate’s past proposals to enact a so-called “Taxpayer Bill of Rights” or “TABOR” amendment, the proponents argue that this would permanently and…

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