Bowen: Building the case for faith – Georgia News

Bowen: Building the case for faith – Georgia News

The amazing light of Lee Strobel – the one-time atheist turned believer – is now shining brightly in theaters all across the country. “The Case For Christ” is a powerful story of a Chicago Tribune journalist’s attempt to prove Christianity wrong from a researcher’s point of view.

In one of the opening scenes, Lee’s wife and young daughter are eating in a restaurant when the little girl gets choked, causing immediate chaos throughout the restaurant. No one is able to dislodge the food from the child’s throat, and she likely would have died right there … except … by “chance” a nurse happens to be at the restaurant and is able to perform the Heimlich and save her life. Lee’s wife Leslie – gripped with both fear and thanksgiving – pours her trembling heart out to the Good Samaritan nurse. But the nurse says, “Oh, it wasn’t me that saved your little girl. It was Jesus.”

That night when Lee and Leslie put the little girl to bed, the girl asks her mom and dad innocently: “Who’s Jesus?”

Leslie looks hopelessly to her rational journalist husband for the answer, which he provides freely:

“Oh,” he said, “we don’t believe in Jesus. We’re athiests.”

With that, they kiss the 6-year-old good night, as the little girl says, “I guess I will be an atheist, too.”

Theaters across the country cannot help but to gasp – collectively – at that moment. But while Lee Strobel is content to chalk up the powerful event of that day to “chance,” Leslie cannot quite get over it. It weighs on her mind, and that tugging at her heart leads her to investigate this “Jesus”…

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