Brianna Ritter receives Spotlight Award – News – Butler County Times Gazette – Kansas News

Brianna Ritter receives Spotlight Award – News – Butler County Times Gazette –  Kansas News

Communications officer comes to the rescue

Brianna Ritter, communications officer one for Butler County Emergency Communications, was given a Spotlight Award at the county commission meeting on Tuesday, April 18.
Ritter responded to a 911 call on March 14 from Butler County resident Charlene Smith regarding Smith’s boyfriend, Bob Hale. Smith said Hale became unresponsive while they were watching movies together that night.
“I was laying my head on his shoulder, and when I looked back, he was making this sound. But there was no response, and his eyes were glossed over. So at first I thought, ‘Well, maybe this is sleep apnea.’ You know? And I shook him, and immediately there was no response. And I don’t know CPR – I don’t know anything about checking pulses or anything like that. I just knew that he wasn’t responding or breathing the way he should be; he was making this sound. I didn’t know what was wrong. So, of course, I called 911 immediately,” Smith said.
Ritter answered the call.
“I was hysterical, I was crying, I was freaked out …. She repeatedly reminds me to calm down, and I go back. She said I need to get him off the couch, so I pulled him down to the floor. And she explained what I needed to do with my hands and where, and she told me what to do. And then, she said I had to keep doing it until the ambulance comes – and, you know, they live like 20 minutes out there. So I was like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ And she was like, ‘You can’t stop.’ And, by the way, I am frantic. You know, she is 100 percent calming me down [and] telling me what to do. Of course, I didn’t understand some of it…

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