Cellar stairway a glimpse into the past – New York News

Cellar stairway a glimpse into the past – New York News

If you have a cellar, do you have places as you go down the stairs where “things” are hanging?

One day when a man came to our back door and I happened to be the one to answer it, he made a big smile and said “your cellar way reminds me of the home where I grew up. It has a story all of its own about the folks who live here.” I knew him quite well so he had reason to make that observance.

Ours is an older home purchased in 1920, so you can imagine what has accumulated on the walls of the staircase. It is filled with nails for hanging things up. The kitchens don’t have a cupboard for brooms and dust pans so they are hanging handy for those who get the task of sweeping the floor.

Hanging alongside them on the right hand of the wall is the rope for hanging the laundry each week; there are several tied up in a bunch back when the wash was hung and still is hung out-of-doors for the sun to dry sheets, blankets and pillowcases. Have you ever slept in a bed with fresh sheets dried out-of-doors? There are no words for that wonderful aroma of fresh sunlight. The rope had its own brackets for tying them up each week with clothes poles to keep a sagging line from letting clothes on the ground. Next would be the clothespin bags and then a metal pan that was used to starch whatever was in the wash that day.


A weapon for keeping varmints away from the garden should they wander in, a whisk broom, tennis racket for chasing birds or bats that get into the house by chance and hedge clipping shears convenient for a few minutes outside trimming, handy. That…

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