Dive bar refuses to sell out despite being surrounded by new apartments in Charlotte – Florida News

Inside the Thirsty Beaver on Central Avenue, Pabst Blue Ribbon flows from cans and Merle Haggard flows from the jukebox, even as workers just a few feet away cocoon the building with a new five-story apartment development.

The one-story dive bar in Plaza Midwood has been transformed into Charlotte’s own version of the house from “Up,” the Pixar movie about a curmudgeon who refuses to sell his house to developers. But unlike the main character from “Up,” the Thirsty Beaver’s owners have no plans to float their bar away with balloons, or relocate at all.

“It’s our business, and what we’ve worked to do and try to make a successful place out of,” said Mark Wilson. He owns and runs the bar, which opened in 2008, with his brother Brian Wilson. “We don’t feel like going anywhere, I guess.”

The Thirsty Beaver has always been a bit quirky – the red-eyed beaver painted on the side of the bright orange building should be a tip-off – but now it has become a symbol of neighborhood quirkiness that’s staying put in the face of new development.

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