Healing from the inside out – Utah News

Healing from the inside out – Utah News


Creekers Foundation Expands Girlfriend’s Club Ideals in Hildale
Chris Caldwell / The Spectrum & Daily News

When a child is born into the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-day Saints, he or she learns quickly that “perfect obedience produces perfect faith.”

In the rise and fall of the Warren Jeffs dynasty, families along the Utah-Arizona border have been uprooted for years. With little to no education, job skills or social skills, the women who mothered sometimes dozens of children had to learn to fend for themselves — some bearing the burden of caring for their children alone or facing reality while being exiled from their families and the only community they’ve ever known.

More often than not, ex-FLDS families are plagued with suicide, drug addiction or they’ve been completely ostracized from their relatives. Large families resulted from plural marriage, which added to the social pressure to remain faithful to FLDS teachings as to not receive that same fate. In a religion with a sharp focus on women working within the home and raising their children, former FLDS mothers are learning how to negotiate their own salvation with caring for those around them.

But the only group offering support from the inside after poignant…

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