Increased corn yield, lower prices – Illinois News

Increased corn yield, lower prices –  Illinois News

Grundy County farmer Paul Jeschke said that for the first time in 20 years, he will plant equal acres of corn and soybeans this 2017 planting season due to the low price of corn and higher prices of soybeans at sale.

“This is nothing new. Anyone with any amount of farming under their belt can look at the cyclical nature of farming,” Jeschke said.

Jeschke also serves as a volunteer on the Illinois Corn Marketing Board and said the hits farmers have been taking the past couple of years due to low corn prices are forecasted to be the same this year due to two main reasons.

One reason was due to the technology and genetics, which allowed farmers to grow better yields than in the past. He said farmers have doubled what they can produce in the past 25 to 30 years due to genetics and GMO technologies.

The second reason corn was at a high surplus was due to the short-term good weather, except the 2012 drought, but from 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 farmers grew bumper crops, and surplus builds quickly.

FS Grain, LLC Business Development Manager Rodney Connor said in Grundy County farmers have grown 190 to 200 bushels per acre of corn, compared with five years ago, when farmers were getting 180 to 185 bushels per acre. He also said in the last five years Grundy County farmers have grown a ratio of 70 percent corn and 30 percent soybeans, but in 2017, the ratio was predicted to be closer to 50/50.

Grundy County Farm Bureau Manager Victoria Wax said in Grundy County there are about 217,000 acres of farmland in production with 48 percent used to grow corn. Connor said in 2013, 112,000 acres of corn were planted on farms in Grundy…

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