More threats found in Monroe High bathrooms – Washington News

More threats found in Monroe High bathrooms –  Washington News

Two more threats have been found in boys restrooms at Monroe High School since the first that indicated a shooting might occur at first lunch on April 3.

Law enforcement, Monroe School District administrators and other community agencies are investigating the drawings, according to a letter to parents from MHS principal John Lombardi on Friday, April 14.

“The Monroe Police Department has classified these threats as acts of domestic terrorism, which are a felony and will be treated as such,” he wrote. “Acts of domestic terrorism are defined as the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) with the intent to intimidate or coerce a civilian population within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.”

Lombardi stated the entire student body would be contacted concerning the severity of making such threats. Everyone is asked to come forward immediately with any information that pertains to the safety of students and staff. He also announced the availability of counselors for connecting with students who are “feeling anxious or fearful.”

The first sketch was found by students a little more than one week before the alleged event was set to take place. A photograph was taken of the image drawn on a toilet paper dispenser in a bathroom stall that read “April 3 @ 1st lunch =” followed by stick figures running away from a pointed gun.

By the time the finding was brought to the attention of school staff on Friday, March 30, the drawing had been erased. The picture wound up on social media that weekend. Lombardi sent out an alert the same day. 

Many parents questioned whether to send their…

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