Mt. Airy News | Lent is over, welcome back to Facebook – North Carolina News

Mt. Airy News | Lent is over, welcome back to Facebook –  North Carolina News

For all you folks who gave up Facebook for Lent, despite the fact that you get most of your news and news-ish information (this column being of the latter variety) from your Facebook feed, I would like to welcome you back to the great big world of electronic misinformation that has been chugging along without you while you were devoting yourself to penitence and spiritual reflection.

I have several friends who regularly choose Facebook deprivation as their chosen method of self-flagellation and their piety is an inspiration to me. Yes, I do have devout friends and I find your surprise at that fact a bit insulting.

One friend who has given up Facebook for Lent for a number of years apparently took Facebook denial to a whole new level this year by taking off and touring the Great Wall of China. Best I can figure out, Facebook is banned in China so the trip was a great temptation-reduction strategy.

Her traveling companion who had not eschewed social media did manage to post some pictures of their excursion on Facebook. How she managed, I know not, but I do know the irony is rich.

But also fortunate because if someone in my circle of acquaintance is going to be trekking all over the Great Wall, I want to see photos of some near-miss ankle-spraining. When you’re giving up Facebook, you’re not just depriving yourself of annoyance and time-sucking, but others as well. And dare I say it, that is a little selfish. I’m sorry, but it had to be said.

I hope you Facebook abstainers have missed us as much as we have missed you. You must feel as disoriented as Crazy Eyes when she was finally sprung from Psych, (sorry, I…

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