NWC welding program going strong – Wyoming News

NWC welding program going strong –  Wyoming News

It didn’t take him long for him to realize he enjoyed his landscaping job more than what he was studying in class.

“I made gazebos and water fountains, and I was like, ‘This is way more fun than the physical therapy stuff,’” Green said in a recent interview.

That was when he decided to switch majors and attend the welding program at Northwest College instead.

“I just like building stuff,” he said.

Green, now an NWC sophomore, said he likes fabrication and production classes the most because they let him use his creativity.

“You can build whatever you feel like,” he said.

Last semester, he made a set of barstools that are constructed of metal and wood, and he burned a design in them.

“When I first made them, I thought I would sell them or give them to friends and family, but I like them too much. I decided to keep them,” he said.

Green said he plans to get a job in Tucson when he finishes school, and eventually, he wants to set up his own welding business.

Despite layoffs in the oil field, welders are still in high demand, and enrollment in the Northwest College welding program is increasing, said Bill Johnson, coordinator of the program. 

“Even though the Bakken and stuff shut down, there hasn’t been, really, a loss in welding positions,” Johnson said.

This spring, 75 students are enrolled in NWC welding classes — up from about 40 welding students 10 years ago, he said.

That growth has been fueled in part by welding students talking to other students about the program; the students make good recruiters, Johnson said.

In addition, area high schools recommend the college’s…

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