Students Show Off Cutting Edge Lab – South Dakota News

Students Show Off Cutting Edge Lab – South Dakota News

A room in Jolley Elementary School in Vermillion that once served as Lieutenant Governor Matt Michel’s kindergarten classroom has been transformed into a state-of-art STREAM teaching laboratory.

Michels, along with leaders from the Vermillion community, the local school district, and the University of South Dakota took part in a number of activities Monday to formally launch the new laboratory.

“Vermillion has always had an incredible energy to learn, and what I actually was taught, and it comes from health care right in this community, is you watch one, you do one, you teach one,” he said. “This is a real good example of hands-on, STREAM teaching and learning, and you can see it. You can see things come alive.”

STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading/Writing, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) education represents an experiential method of learning that is project and problem-based and requires the use of critical thinking skills. It also encourages children to discover that various elements of their curriculum are interconnected.

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