Students weigh in on the option of a summer semester – Utah News

Students weigh in on the option of a summer semester – Utah News

At USU, spring semester officially ends May 5th, giving summer session students only three days of break before classes start back up again on May 8th.

The decision to take summer classes or not is as individual as the students who make that choice.

For Emily Avila, a senior majoring in Biochemistry, summer study has never been a part of her graduation plan.

“I need to work during the summer. Summertime is my only source of real income for the year, “ Avila said.

Michael Bishop, a Masters student studying statistics has not enrolled in summer classes.

“I would have considered it during my undergrad,” Bishop says. “But they don’t offer the upper level classes that I need.”

Avila says that even though some of her classes have been offered during summer semester, she prefers to get all of her classes done consecutively.

Jerron Purser, a senior asian studies major, says that while he can see how summer classes lighten “the overall course load”, he likes to use summer to take a break from school, working two jobs to earn enough money for the school year.

However, because of how his credits line up, after next spring semester Purser will have only one more class to take in order to graduate.

“I don’t want to take another semester just for one class.” Purser says. He decided to enroll in one summer class in order to graduate earlier.

Grant Montoya, a junior studying Global Communication, enrolled in summer classes for a similar reason.

“I want to graduate sooner,” Montoya says. By taking nine credits between spring and fall semesters, Montoya will be able to cut almost an entire semester…

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