Technology isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity | Technicalities – Colorado News

Technology isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity | Technicalities – Colorado News

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Smartphones are making life a little easier for countless number of homeless people in our communities. Mobile devices provide access to important information like weather forecasts, job opportunities, directions to shelters, food and clinics, and a line to law enforcement and medical assistance. Access to this information may not be the answer to people off the streets, but it definitely helps to mitigate the dangerous they may be facing on a regular basis.

Homeless people were shutoff from the stream of information that could provide services to them. For a myriad of reasons. However, smartphones has proven that technology has the potential to bridge the gap between people in need and the services that are available for them. Some may scoff at the idea of a homeless person would even have a cell phone, but it the Internet is no longer a luxury, it’s a public utility, and access to it is a necessity.

Homelessness is a national issue. Every city, large or small has grapples with the issue. Statistics vary from city to city, but people are dying on the streets every year. There are concerned and innovative people out there who are looking for answers with technology. In 2011, 60% of homeless youth had a smartphone, and it’s safe to assume that number has only increased across all homeless age groups. Below are a few organizations that I think are providing a…

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