The case for using an agent to sell your house – Pennsylvania News

The case for using an agent to sell your house – Pennsylvania News

In my experience, many people have no idea of the intricacies and vast number of jobs a real estate agent performs before and during a home buying/selling transaction. In fact, some argue that a real estate agent is unnecessary and opt for selling sans agent. While in limited cases “for sale by owner” has worked, the vast majority end up listing with an agent after wasting valuable time and money going it alone. So why should you seek out an agent to help you buy and sell? I’ve got a few of the top reasons to share with you – they might make you extra cash in the end.

The Endless Paperwork

The paperwork involved in selling and buying a home has increased dramatically. Industry disclosures and regulations have become mandatory and has led to a stiff drop in for sale by owner over the last decade. The vast volume of paperwork and contracts that need to be signed for each and every real estate transaction is extensive to say the least and making sure every piece is accounted for is worth it’s weight in gold. Going to closing without all of the necessary documents can be a dealbreaker. A quality agent will enable you to rest easy, know all of the behind the scenes work is taken care of.

Viewership By A Vast Audience

You may have the best house on the block, in a prime neighborhood in the city with an amazing yard and unprecedented amenities, but if no one knows your home exists, what good is it? A real estate agent gets you viewership by a vast audience, much greater than you will find any other way. By listing in the MLS and in the real estate…

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