The Jefferson Post | Sheriff says school board doesn’t like his ideas – North Carolina News

The Jefferson Post | Sheriff says school board doesn’t like his ideas –  North Carolina News

JEFFERSON-How effective is the DARE program in preventing children from using drugs today and as adults?

The answer to that question depends on who you ask.

If you ask Sheriff Terry Buchanan, he would likely fully endorse the program as a successful tool in helping young people abstain from drugs and alcohol. He wants to re-implement the program in Ashe County Schools.

The Ashe County School System doesn’t agree with his viewpoint, he said.

When he approached the Ashe County School Board about implementing the program, he said he received a “stand-off” response from board members.

“I got feedback that DARE was not effective in the past,” said Buchanan. “Before implementing again, there needs to be a clear understanding of what it will do for the community.”

He made these comments during Monday’s Ashe County Board of Commissioners meeting.

Buchanan said the county’s drug problem needs to be addressed and that prevention is key to curbing that rate.

“Drugs are an epidemic in this nation and we have a problem in this county, as well,” Buchanan said to commissioners. “We have to educate our children first. My own kids went through DARE and that kept them off drugs their entire life. The DARE program is a huge effort to get back in the school system. I would encourage parents to reach out to school board.”

Results and opinions of the DARE program’s effectiveness vary nationally.

A five-year long investigation by Frontline and PBS focused on longitudinal evaluations of the program.

“No significant differences were observed between intervention and comparison schools with respect to cigarette,…

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