University of Memphis, UTHSC May Soon Face Outsourcing Decisions – Tennessee News

University of Memphis, UTHSC May Soon Face Outsourcing Decisions –  Tennessee News

VOL. 132 | NO. 80 | Friday, April 21, 2017

By Sam Stockard

Updated 10:43AM

Forty-one state lawmakers signed a letter requesting the state put a hold on its outsourcing plans until the General Assembly can scrutinize its effect on state workers and services.

The state is set to sign a contract April 28 with Chicago-based JLL for facilities management work that could be used by universities and departments statewide. Even local government jobs could be doled out to the contractor.

Signed by five members of the Shelby County legislative delegation, the bipartisan-backed letter to Terry Cowles, director of the Office of Customer Focused Government, notes that lawmakers share in the effort to provide state services at a low cost, but it states “we do have reservations about current outsourcing efforts.”

“Our reservations include the potential impact to state employees, the scope of ‘vested outsourcing’ to state services, and allowing enough time to address concerns from the General Assembly.

“We respectfully request that the outsourcing process wait until the General Assembly is able to study and understand the effect on our public services, economy and state workers,” he letter states.

State Sen. Steve Dickerson, who questioned the governor’s privatization initiative when officials presented a business justification plan, is among the lawmakers who spearheaded the message.

“The crux of the letter is if you looked at the entire…

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