Where fashion meets fun – and family – Illinois News

Where fashion meets fun – and family –  Illinois News

Good things come in pairs at Jay Bug Boutique: Capris, pants, shorts … the owners.

Carissa Yardley and Danielle D’Avolio – the “yin and yang” behind the boutique – opened up their children’s clothing store earlier this month, and already they’re carving out a niche downtown as a duo who wear their hearts on their sleeves – in fact, it’s part of their business plan. 

“We just want to be the store with a heart,” Yardley said.

Yardley and D’Avolio opened Jay Bug on April 1 and both say they’re excited to not only bring a new business downtown, but to spread their message. 

“One of our main goals is to kind of connect families, in general,” D’Avolio said. 

Yardley and D’Avolio both bemoaned the fact that families tend to spend a lot of time in front of screens, connected to technology instead of each other. That’s where they hope their business can make a difference. They want to combat today’s tech-tethered lifestyle by eventually offering weekend family activities such as painting or parent-child yoga to encourage families to spend more time together. 

But in the meantime, they’re perfectly happy keeping busy as small business owners. 

Neither of these two fashionistas are from Dixon, but they’ve found a home here. When they aren’t running Jay Bug, they work at what they call their “adult jobs” – Yardley spends her days working as a sales rep for Axiom, and D’Avolio works at a bank.

Though Jay Bug is still new to the local business landscape, the pair say they’ve already been welcomed to the downtown Dixon family. 

They said that without the help of friends, family,…

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