Budget Heartburn: Money for some, not for others – California News

Budget Heartburn: Money for some, not for others – California News

Financial issues are one of the main causes of strain in families.

The Plumas County Board of Supervisors grappled with similar financial issues at its meeting April 11.

County counsel’s office

Both the county counsel and district attorney’s offices have been dealing with an inability to retain experienced attorneys.

The county counsel’s office has recently experienced a problem even attracting new attorneys. The office received only six applications for a deputy county counsel position in the seven months since Steve Mansell left last September.

Since Mansell left, County Counsel Craig Settlemire has been trying to do the work of two attorneys.

Settlemire reported to the board, “I’d like to say that I’ve been getting all the work done but … having only one attorney in the county counsel’s office is causing delays for other departments.”

To help understand why so few attorneys have applied, Nancy Selvage, director of human resources, looked at how much 10 counties comparable to Plumas County are paying their deputy county counsels. Selvage found that Plumas County was paying the least.

Settlemire added that the his office hasn’t had a pay adjustment in eight years.

Selvage proposed raising deputy county counsel salaries up from 82 percent of the 10-county average to 96 percent of the average.

Selvage estimated that the proposed salary increases for deputy county counsel positions would add $69,000 to $85,000 in additional costs to the general fund over five years. Under her proposal, deputy county counsel attorneys would make from $31 to $37 per hour, depending on the experience of the chosen…

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