Road tax would bring $13 million a year for Butte County roads, transit – California News

Road tax would bring $13 million a year for Butte County roads, transit – California News

The gas tax and vehicle license fee increases approved by the Legislature this month would bring almost $13 million a year to Butte County for 10 years.

Senate Bill 1 still has to be signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, but as he lobbied extensively for it so he’s expected to do so.

The bill would raise an estimated $5.2 billion statewide each year for 10 years. It would increase the gas tax 12 cents a gallon and the diesel excise tax 20 cents a gallon, as well as upping the diesel sales tax 4 percent. A new vehicle license fee would be imposed, ranging from $25 to $175, based on the value of the vehicle. A $100 annual vehicle registration fee for zero-emission cars would be imposed starting in 2020.

Of the money raised, $1.5 billion would go to local roads each year, according to a report prepared for the Butte County Association of Governments board of directors meeting Thursday.

The report says that’s about double what’s available now.

According to the BCAG staff report, the formulas in the bill would mean $7.6 million a year for Butte County, plus $2.1 million for Chico, $600,000 for Paradise, $412,000 for Oroville, $151,000 for Gridley and $43,000 for Biggs.

An additional $600,000 annually would be added to the local share of the State Transportation Improvement Program, which pays for projects to increase road capacity.

In addition, $2 million would be provided for Butte Regional Transit operations.

In total, that adds up to $12,929,800 a year, according to the report.

The BCAG board will just be receiving the report as information. Its meeting is 9 a.m. Thursday in the…

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