A church pew in my house? – Tennessee News

A church pew in my house? –  Tennessee News


7:34 a.m. CT May 19, 2017

My wife just purchased a five-foot church pew for our home. That’s right, an actual church pew! I wonder if she is perhaps subtly hinting that I need a bit more practice at my preaching. … Actually, she has been keeping her eye out for one of these beautiful religious furnishings for a long time.

Interestingly enough, during the past decade or so, church pews have become rather popular furniture items for home décor. In fact, as churches either redecorate or go defunct, various auction houses, upscale galleries, interior designers, architectural firms, and resellers are quickly buying up traditional religious furniture and other sought after ecclesial architectural artifacts.

The trend is driving the market. Everything from pulpits, modesty panels, prayer benches or kneelers, candleholders, altars, stained-glass windows, wall consoles, crucifixes and large statues are seemingly up for grabs. These items are definitely very much in vogue and hot commodities. If you don’t believe me, just check out eBay!

This rather strange phenomenon has especially been the case in post-Christian Europe, where many beautiful cathedrals and basilicas have long been sitting empty and vacated. I’ve been told these religious artifacts oftentimes show up in clubs, bars and taverns. It’s rather sad if you ask me!

To a degree, I wonder if people these days view such religious “relics” as nothing more than sentimental items originating from a time long gone. Though they no longer hold any spiritual value to many individuals, they are…

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