Facebook proposes changes to its Menlo Park expansion project | News – California News

Facebook proposes changes to its Menlo Park expansion project | News – California News

Facebook wants permission from Menlo Park to make changes to its expansion project at 301-309 Constitution Drive, which the City Council approved last November.

The proposed changes will come before the Menlo Park Planning Commission at its meeting on Monday, May 22. The meeting, which starts at 7 p.m., can be viewed online.

When the project was approved in November, the company planned its expansion to occur in two phases. In the first, Facebook would build the 513,000-square-foot Building 21. That building is under construction now.

In the second phase, Facebook planned to build another large office building – Building 22, totaling about 450,000-square feet – and a 200-room hotel. At the time of approval, however, the plans were not far enough along to get architectural clearance from the city. Existing buildings on the site, leased primarily by TE Connectivity, precluded the project moving forward until TE Connectivity’s lease was up – or so it seemed.

Now, it appears Facebook wants to get a head start on constructing Building 22 before TE Connectivity vacates its buildings, and has proposed modifications to its original plans in order to work around TE Connectivity’s largest leased building at 305 Constitution Drive.

Facebook said in a letter to the city’s planning department that it’s expected that TE Connectivity will leave buildings 302, 303, 304 and 306 in mid-2017, but will stay in Building 305 for at least a while longer – which could be when the current lease is up in 2019, or following a three-year lease extension until 2022. Facebook has offered the company an “incentive” to…

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