Looking good at United Way – Texas News

Looking good at United Way – Texas News

With all the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood awards show, many donned their best outfits to attend the United Way of Greater Baytown Area and Chambers County Awards and Appreciation Dinner. 

The ceremony was held at Bridge Water Events Thursday night. Comedian Brent Reed kept the audience in stitches with his down-home humor throughout the evening. 

kAm|:DDJ |2=6496<[ (6DE r92>36CD r@F?EJ r92>36C @7 r@>>6C46 5:C64E@C 2?5 a_`ea_`f r2>A2:8? r23:?6E 492:C[ 2??@F?465 E92E E9:D J62C’D 42>A2:8? C2:D65 Sb]`c >:==:@?] k^Am

kAm“(6 H6C6 2=D@ 23=6 E@ 4@?EC:3FE6 >@C6 E@ 286?4:6D E9:D J62C E92? H6 92G6 😕 E96 A2DE[” |2=6496< D2:5]  k^Am

kAm%96 ?6H 8@2= 7@C E96 &?:E65 (2J’D ?6IE 42>A2:8? 😀 A=2??65 36:?8 2??@F?465 😕 E96 72==] k^Am

kAm|2=6496< 2=D@ C64@8?:K65 yF=:6 #@5C:8F6K H:E9 tII@?|@3:= 2D E9:D J62C’D =@2?65 6I64FE:G6] %9:D 😀 H96C6 2 A2CE?6C @7 E96 &?:E65 (2J ?@>:?2E6D @?6 @7 :ED 6>A=@J66D E@ H@C< H:E9 E96> E@ D6CG6 2D 2? 6IE6?D:@? 😕 E96 4@>>F?:EJ]k^Am

kAm|2=6496< D2:5 #@5C:8F6K 96=A65 6DE23=:D9 ?6H C6=2E:@?D9:AD 😕 r92>36CD r@F?EJ[ 2DD:DE65 H:E9 DA@?D@CD9:AD 2?5 E96 =@8:DE:4D @7 E96 a_`e &?:E65 (2J v@=7 %@FC?2>6?E DA@?D@C65 3J tII@?|@3:=] x? 255:E:@?[ E96 8@=7…

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