Play It Right (Sylvan Esso) – Rhode Island News

Play It Right (Sylvan Esso) – Rhode Island News

I cannot begin to quantify the number of parties I have attended with Steff and Stefan where we have taken over the music. From tiny dorm rooms to large bars, the three of us are constantly arriving somewhere, deciding we want to hear something different and asserting our musical tastes on everyone else, grinning with glee when we hear other people blurting, “I love this song!” and watching everyone, including ourselves, begin to dance embarrassingly in corners. Almost all the socializing I’ve done over my four years as a Brunonian has been with one or both of these people standing next to me, letting me analyze every room, putting up with my overly large arm gestures when I get excited and, of course, dancing late into the night.

Everyone has her story of her first interaction with a future first-year roommate, whether it was a stilted email exchange or a near-automatic Facebook friend request. Steff, however, followed me on Twitter. Our first real conversation happened when she responded to a tweet I had posted with Bon Iver lyrics — apparently my musical tastes came as a pleasant surprise to her. While we always got along as roommates, I can pin down the start of our actual friendship to the night when we sat, lights off, on our respective beds, separated by 10 or so feet of Keeney linoleum, blasting Kanye West’s recently released album, “Yeezus.” We sat there in the dark, maybe once mumbling, “This is really good,” for the entire duration of the album. When I came home a few weeks later and she had fallen asleep midday with a Fleetwood Mac song I grew up with playing softly on her computer,…

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