Witness describes bank robbery encounter – Hawaii News

Witness describes bank robbery encounter – Hawaii News

HILO — An eyewitness to a bank robbery Wednesday afternoon in Puna said the alleged perpetrator was “foul-mouthed and rude, but I never feared for my life.”

Millicent Cummings said she was standing in line at the First Hawaiian Bank Pahoa branch directly behind the robbery suspect, identified by police as 57-year-old Anthony Gover, when the incident occurred.

“He didn’t seem centered at all. He was definitely not his right mind. … And all of a sudden, I saw the knife,” Cummings said Thursday.

Cummings said there were two tellers on duty, including one she knows personally, and the alleged robber was positioned between the the tellers.

“He said, ‘Just give me the f——— money’ with the knife over the counter, kind of high. … He had to actually lift the knife so they could clearly see it,” she said.

Cummings described the knife as about 5-inches long with a straight blade tapering to the point and said she didn’t see the man point the knife directly at either teller.

“He was pointing it at the middle of them. He was showing them (the knife),” she said. “I’ve been in and out of New York City all of my life, since I was, you know, 4 years old, and I did not get the feeling he was violent. But, of course, I don’t care what appearances are. If somebody’s got a knife, I’m going to get out of harm’s way.”

Cummings said the man was wearing a dark hoodie and she didn’t get a “full frontal” view of his face. She said there was one other customer in the bank who was leaving as the robbery occurred. She said she left, as well, but stood in…

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