A hated highway, and for good reason – California News

A hated highway, and for good reason – California News

It was five days before I could get back in our truck. It was two weeks before I could close my eyes to sleep without seeing what can’t be un-seen. It’s nearly a month later now and, until a few days ago, I was going two maybe three days without thinking about the incident and never considered recounting the story.

But, the brain works in mysterious ways, and my brain’s workings are, perhaps, more mysterious than other’s, according to those who know me. In any case, news Wednesday of increased CHP air and ground patrol on the highway south of town and a fictional TV show featuring scenes of a dismembered body combined to trigger instant and unwanted recall.

The first thing we saw the night of April 25 on the two-lane highway were the brake lights of two cars and the emergency flashers of another car come on about 1,500 feet in front of us.

“There’s something going on up there,” I said to my husband who was driving.

“I see it,” he said slowing down then slowing waaaay down and turning on our truck’s hazard lights to warn folks behind us.

“I hate this stretch of the highway,” I thought as we crept up to the scene eerily lit by red and yellow flashing lights.

I’ve always hated it. Ever since I moved here 28 years ago and have had to travel it to get to The Capital or The Bay Area and points beyond. I’ve hated its narrow two lanes with minimal shoulder. I’ve hated its lack of safe passing areas. Hated the mix of slow farm equipment, big trucks and speeding cars. Hated that there are no lights.

The second thing I saw was a baseball cap lying near the…

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