Being ‘soft’ is seldom a solution – Kentucky News

Being ‘soft’ is seldom a solution – Kentucky News

I recently watched a news story on WKYT concerning Madison County Judge-Executive Reagan Taylor supporting charging a daily fee to those incarcerated in the detention center. There is a statute in Kentucky that allows counties to issue such a fee on top of the typical booking fee for inmates.

I have learned we have such a policy here in Clark County. I look forward to doing further research on the matter, but can already affirm that I love this idea.

As Taylor said, “We are not going to be able to survive unless we really get strategic about ways we can generate revenue to give us a little bit of relief.”

If every county is not currently levying such a fee, they certainly should consider it.

The amount of taxpayer dollars funding our detention centers most certainly has to be in the billions in Kentucky.

We need these centers, as we all know, but it is time for people to pay for their crimes in more ways than one.

Currently, Madison County has a policy that allows the county to charge $25 to inmates, but the new proposal would lower it to $10 but with higher intentions of enforcement.

As Taylor mentioned, even if only a percentage was collected, it would still result in a lot of funds that would in turn result in better spending of tax dollars. That is always a winning situation.

As I stated, I look forward to researching how much Clark County charges its inmates and furthermore, how much it actually collects. I would urge our officials to stay on top of it and ensure we are collecting as much as possible.

In the end, $10 is a very small price to pay when one considers how tax dollars are used to offset…

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