Bumpy Twyckenham won’t be fixed until 2020 – Indiana News

Bumpy Twyckenham won’t be fixed until 2020 –  Indiana News

LAFAYETTE, Ind. — For those who curse at the crumbling conditions of Twyckenham Boulevard, you have three more years of muttering profanities.

The Lafayette Board of Works approved spending money on designing the new southside thoroughfare last fall, but work won’t actually begin until spring 2020, City Engineer Jenny Leshney said.

If the city becomes flush with federal road money, the project might be bumped up to 2019, she said, but conversely, if federal funds get tight, the reconstruction might be later.

The four-lane boulevard begins at Old Romney Road and travels east over the railroad viaduct to 18th Street, where it becomes Brady Lane.

According to the Indiana Department of Transportation, an estimated 8,150 vehicles travel the four-lane road every day.

“It was not built to carry that amount of traffic,” Leshney said.

The road’s engineers designed the boulevard to ferry suburbanites to and from the newly constructed subdivisions in the 1990s, Leshney said. But the viaduct and the connection to Brady Lane made Twyckenham a convenient east/west route for southsiders.

The road’s deterioration is most notable between Poland Hill Road and the viaduct. The concrete road, which runs south of Pay Less Supermarket on Beck Lane, is pocked with holes and asphalt patches in this area.

Asphalt is not the ideal…

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