Can Voters Defeat the Vouchers-For-All Law? – Arizona News

Can Voters Defeat the Vouchers-For-All Law? – Arizona News

This could be the opening paragraph of an article in an Arizona paper the day after the 2018 election.

Voters decisively rejected the will of the . . . Legislature and governor Tuesday, defeating what would have been the nation’s most comprehensive education voucher program in a referendum blowout.

That’s an actual opening paragraph of an article, but not here in Arizona. It’s from Utah’s Salt Lake Tribune (I put three dots where the state name should be) on November 7, 2007. A recently formed group, Save Our Schools,┬áhas begun collecting signatures to put a similar referendum on Arizona’s November, 2018, ballot to overturn the bill expanding empowerment scholarship accounts to all Arizona children. If the referendum succeeds, Arizona journalists have their opening paragraph written for them.

Since 1990, people across the country have voted against vouchers every time they’ve had a chance. The No votes have ranged from 60 to 71 percent. The last vote was in Utah in 2007, and the circumstances were similar to ours. The Utah legislature passed its voucher law by one vote. This year, our legislature passed SB1431 by three votes in the House and Senate. With one more Democratic representative and senator, it would have been a one vote margin. (Two more Democrats in either the House or the Senate, and the bill would have gone down.) Utah’s voucher opponents collected 124,000 signatures. This year Arizona needs 152,000 valid…

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