Disabled Woman Left With Edison Mess – California News

Disabled Woman Left With Edison Mess – California News

A 70-year-old woman, filled with feelings of despair, sat in her wheelchair on her driveway in Cedarpines Park a few weeks ago. She had been watching a crew that Southern California Edison sent to trim branches from trees in her yard.

“I was watching the guys doing all this and they started to leave,” said Sharon White, who is unable to walk or to use her left hand. “I motioned to one of them and he came over to me. He said there would be guys coming back in three days to clean it up. He said that Edison does not clear the debris away when it is cut, but someone else will clean it up later.”

After five days, when no one arrived to clean up the pile of branches, White called Edison to inquire. “I told them about the three days, and the customer service representative said that she didn’t know why they told me that. ‘It’s your property, your trees, your mess’ was the answer she gave me.”

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