London Correctional honors employees – Madison Press – Ohio News

London Correctional honors employees – Madison Press – Ohio News

The London Correction Institution recognized several of its staff during their annual Employee Recognition Banquet last week.

Stacy Armstrong, Officer Berry Joseph, Sgt. John Ragins and Bonnie Darlington were each awarded for their efforts in improving and helping run the prison as efficiently as possible.

Joseph was awarded corrections officer of the year for his efforts in apprehending an escaped inmate.

On March 28, 2016, an inmate escaped from the Southeastern Correctional Institution.

That evening, Joseph was on patrol in Nelsonville, with two other LoCI staff, when they were informed over the radio to return to base.

While driving, they found the escapee walking and began to follow him. When the escapee began to run, they pulled up in front of him and shined a light on him, noticing the inmates uniform.

Berry and the other officers quickly apprehended him after they drew weapons on him and told him to get to the ground. He later confessed to being the escapee.

Officer Joseph received Correctional Officer of the Month of May 2016 and received the DRC Impact Award for his assistance in the capture of an escaped inmate.

Armstrong was declared supervisor of the year for her efforts in the development and implementation of the Mood Disorder Intensive Treatment Program (ITP).

Under her tenure, it has expanded to help inmates suffering from various issues with groups on Anxiety, Depression, Emotional Awareness, Healthy Living, Personal Skills, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“The ITP is going into its fourth year, and Stacy remains actively involved in facilitating many of the groups, as well as coordinating the…

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