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Greetings from the Antioch Community.

Hope all you Mother’s had a very Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday. It sure was a beautiful day.

I didn’t get to see my two sons, but talked to them over the telephone.

We sure had a large crowd at church with visitors coming to be with their mom. Juanita Key was the oldest mother there and all of her children were there with her. Jeanie Bird sang a special Sunday morning for her mom. It sure was pretty. the church presented each mother with a little pot of flowers.

Dolores Harris and her family went to Roy’s Restaurant and enjoyed Mothers Day dinner.

My sister Sue Fuller came to see me Saturday.

Sue and James Fuller celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary Saturday, May 13. Their grandson Bryan and his wife hosted the celebration.

I was invited over to Nick and Stephanie Christian’s for Mother’s Day and they were also celebrating their son’s Rememtion Birthday. He was 3 years old.

They had homemade ice cream and was it good.

Sure enjoyed listening to Gerald Hildabrand on the Feedback show Monday.

Our Homecoming is getting closer, so remember Sunday the 28th we will have the “Garmon Family” sing at 10 a.m., the worship hour and lunch in the fellowship hall after the worship hour. If you were once a member of Antioch, why not come back home for Homecoming?

We are glad that Myrtle Pogue is back home. Be sure to stop by and see her or give her a call.

One of our members, Harry Epley is having surgery on Wednesday the 17th. We sure hope everything goes well. Remember all the sick in your prayers.

My son came through his surgery real good to be in such a mess the doctor…

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