Plenty of options for both trout and bass anglers – California News

Plenty of options for both trout and bass anglers – California News

There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind.

~Washington Irving

Not much has changed since last week’s report. Rivers are still high and dropping slowly. Probably the biggest change this week is the beginning of the smallmouth bass spawn.

Most people associate the Sierra with excellent trout fishing. But less well known is the fact that we also have some excellent bass fishing. Here in Plumas County, Almanor, Bucks and Antelope are top bass producers. Fishing for bass is very good right now.

Lake Almanor

Trout fishing remains very good at Almanor. The water is warming slowly and the trout are still feeding actively.

Insects are hatching in all parts of the lake so the fish are very scattered. Look for swallows flying low over the water and you will likely also find fish feeding on hatching insects.

Red and gold Speedy Shiners or Fire Tiger colored Needlefish trolled through the hatching insects offer a good chance of getting the attention of a feeding trout. A nightcrawler trolled behind a dodger is also a good combo.

If you can see fish on your sonar (this becomes more likely as the day goes on and the fish move deeper) set your gear to fish just a couple feet above the fish. Trout tend to strike from below. If you do not see fish on your sonar try trolling at 15 feet deep and gradually drop your gear deeper as the sun hits the water.

Smallmouth bass are moving into the shallows preparing to spawn. These fish are very protective of their spawning beds and will aggressively attack a  bait thrown near the beds. Fortunately, they are tough fish and have a high survival rate…

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