Ridgeview swings for the fences – California News

Ridgeview swings for the fences – California News

Paradise >> Twice a year, Ridgeview students get the opportunity to go out and compete as a team when the Wolverines co-ed softball team takes the field in tournaments against other continuation schools. While some of the players have years of little league experience under their belts, for a few, it’s their first time ever swinging a bat.

One of the students who played first baseman for the Wolverines, said that Friday was one of his first times ever playing.

“Normally, kids like me don’t like coming out here,” he said in between innings, “But I’m loving it.”

David Smith, a Ridgeview math instructor, organizes and coaches the team who took on Fairview (Chico), Prospect (Oroville) and Albert Powell (Yuba City) in a round-robin style tournament, Friday at the Moore Road Ball Park.

In the Fall, the same teams practice and meet to play in Oroville for a day-long tournament as well.

“It’s one of those things that we try to use as motivation,” Smith said.

For weeks, the Wolverines have been practicing batting, field rotation and fielding for the tournament.

He explained how in order to be eligible for play, students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 and are not allowed to have any unexcused absences or be suspended within a month of the tournament.

Softball is one of the few chances that Ridgeview students get to compete athletically and it’s proved to be incredibly popular among the students. In past years, Ridgeview has produced enough players to play as two full teams.

A former collegiate baseball player himself, Smith stressed the…

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