Robotic pharmacy to open at Kirkland Cancer Center – Tennessee News

Robotic pharmacy to open at Kirkland Cancer Center –  Tennessee News

Maranda Faris , USA TODAY NETWORK – Tennessee
Published 7:00 a.m. CT May 20, 2017 | Updated 1 hour ago

Kirkland Cancer Center will have a new robotic pharmacy, one of the only of its kind in the Southeast, named after a former Jackson doctor.

On Sunday, the West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation will name the new robotic pharmacy after Dr. Eugene Reese and his wife Eliane. The robotic pharmacy will allow medications for patients to be mixed more accurately in a liquid form and decrease the amount of waste from other forms of medication.

“I think that’s a very nice honor. That’s not part of what I was hoping for, necessarily. I was hoping to get the pharmacy beefed up even more than it is to be able to do some interesting things and keep current and be efficient,” Reese said.

Foundation President Frank McMeen said the pharmacy is being named after the Reeses because of a “sizable” donation made to fund the advancement.

“This is what he wanted to see us move to. It allows us to provide better treatment for the patients and to lead in the state of Tennessee,” McMeen said. 

The ribbon-cutting on Sunday will officially open the new facility, making West Tennessee Healthcare the only system in the state with similar technology, McMeen said. The new pharmacy will allow more patients to turn to Jackson and the Kirkland Cancer Center, rather than having to go out of state for treatments.

“You don’t have to go somewhere else. You may choose to, but there are many things that you can do right here at home, and this is one of the latest…

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