Altus Times | Oklahoma HMO educates on importance of children’s annual checkups – Oklahoma News

Altus Times | Oklahoma HMO educates on importance of children’s annual checkups – Oklahoma News

Almost 90 percent of children under the age of four received an annual wellness check, however, as the child gets older they are less likely to receive annual checkups, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

This month, GlobalHealth, an Oklahoma-based health maintenance organization or HMO, encourages Oklahoma parents to schedule well-child visits, including for older children, to seek preventive care.

“With the school year ending, June is the perfect time to take children to their primary care physician for an annual well-child visit,” Wesley Williams, medical director at GlobalHealth said. “These checkups give the physician the opportunity to monitor a child’s overall health and make recommendations that fit them best.”

GlobalHealth is offering Oklahomans the following tips to make the most of their pediatric wellness checks:

* Come prepared. Wellness visits cover a broad range of topics including behavior, nutrition and development. To get the most accurate and beneficial information from physicians, parents should review daily habits of their child such as physical development and eating habits. In addition, parents should bring any medical records the child has, including medications the child is taking. This information allows physicians to more accurately diagnose the wellness of the child and make individualized recommendations.

* Ask questions. If a parent is worried about a specific habit, they should ask the physician. Questions can often spark physicians to take a closer look at hidden problems. GlobalHealth recommends three good questions for parents to ask their physician…

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