Consider your pets this hurricane season – Florida News

Consider your pets this hurricane season – Florida News

Be prepared for yourself. As your pet’s guardian, your pets are dependent on you and the decisions you make. When Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Gulf Coast in 2005, FEMA reported approximately 600,000 pets were either killed or left without shelter.

In addition to advance microchipping your pet, have your pet wear a collar with ID tag and rabies tag. If someone finds your pet, they can locate you without a microchip reader. Carry pictures of your pet to aid in finding a lost pet.

Visit the Monroe County Emergency Services website at to learn about evacuation and reentry procedures. In advance of hurricane season, prepare an evacuation pack for your pet. This pack should include: Food and water for two weeks. Keep dry food sealed in waterproof containers; Water and food bowls; Kitty litter and litter trays for cats and plenty of plastic poop bags for dogs; Carry proof of vaccinations and a copy of your pet’s medical records; A comfortable pet carrier and leashes; Make sure your pet is current on all relevant vaccines (rabies, lepto, boardatella, distemper); A 30-day supply of your pet’s medication including heartworm, flea and tick prevention; Bedding that your pet uses. If too bulky, bring several towels; A muzzle…

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