Delaware Gazette | Conklin: Moving, moving, moving again – Ohio News

Delaware Gazette | Conklin: Moving, moving, moving again – Ohio News

Editor’s Note: This column is being re-printed due to production errors.

Moving, Moving, Moving, Moving, Moving again.We did it so often, we did it so soon, Do you remember where all we’ve been?

Different kitchens, different porches, different yards to play in, too. Different closets to put our stuff in. Did I share a room with you?

Boxes, crates, and sacks of shoes, were packed every couple of years. Then put on a truck and hauled away. Did you silently shed some tears?

Jars of green beans, tomatoes and juice, were carefully packed all day. Did you tell the teachers you were leaving? Or just get in the car and go away?

Moving, Moving, Moving, Moving, Moving again! Leaving our friends, leaving our schools. Does the memory hurt now, as much as then?

Different addresses to remember, Different neighbor kids to learn our name. Different places to play Hide and Seek in, Would it ever be the same?

Painting, papering and putting down rugs, So the houses could pass for our home. In time to start all over again. Did you ever get to be alone?

If you could choose just one house, One place that you could stay, Which one would you choose, And what would it mean for the life you have today?

I wrote the above words about all the moving that took place in our family when my siblings and I were growing up. Since we were all different ages during those moves, each move affected each of us differently. Recently I read that the word “perched” is used for families that move a lot.

Because of never knowing how long they will be in any new place, they never really commit to staying and don’t make friends or put down roots. They…

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