Floyd County Times | Every day is a gift – Kentucky News

Floyd County Times | Every day is a gift – Kentucky News

A dear friend of mine died this week after about three years battling cancer. He had surgery, chemotherapy and spent extensive amounts of time at a famous cancer hospital in Houston, Texas. Medically he did everything he could possibly do to beat cancer. Physically he gave everything he had to beat cancer. Spiritually and emotionally he gave everything he could possibly give to beat cancer. He wanted to live but it didn’t work out. Fifty four is a young age to die.

Paul Schmidt was a wonderful Christian man, pastor and loved by hundreds and probably thousands. When someone is so loved, lives such a good life and does much to help other people it seems harshly unfair for his life to end so quickly.

Another pastor friend of mine was looking forward to retirement but after battling cancer for about three years my friend Bob died an early death as well. He was just 63.

My sister’s daughter Cindy died at the age of 53. She fought type 1 diabetes almost her entire life. After a kidney transplant and years of medical treatments and hospital stays, she eventually would up with cancer that overtook her young body.

Good people such as these are reminders of the brevity of life and that each day is a gift. Little children die, babies often never make it a day and young adult and middle aged adults are taken from us in the prime of life.

None of us were guaranteed a hundred years of life when we were born. We hear about centenarians and may even know some but even in this day and time living to be a hundred is a far stretch.

My mom and dad were both eighty five when they passed on. My grandma Hinkle was 83 and I believe my…

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