Friends (and This Cast) Deserve Better Than the Sour Rough Night – Texas News

Friends (and This Cast) Deserve Better Than the Sour Rough Night – Texas News

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 at 11 a.m.


Too bad this crew’s night is full of very meh things.

Macall Polay/CTMG

At least Rough Night, Lucia Aniello’s dutifully raucous new bachelorette-party comedy, achieves verisimilitude. It’s a rough watch and an evening killer, this film about friends who seem not to love, like or even really know one another. If you enjoy strained fun with people who have grown apart from you, and then brainstorming with them in a stunned panic some 9 to 5–style strategies for corpse removal, the movie might charm you. But 9 to 5 let its cast inhabit characters, and then let those characters discover and nurture their bonds. Rough Night just sticky-notes its leads with a trait or two.

The performers are excellent and they score some laughs, but their roles here amount to “the jealous friend” and “the progressive activist.” The Australian pal (Kate McKinnon), arrived in America for the first time, whips out the Vegemite in her first minute of screen time and then immediately is called a “Kiwi” by the jealous pal, Alice (Jillian Bell), who taps her cocktail glass with her cutlery to announce a celebratory toast the moment anyone else tries to speak to the bride to be, Scarlett Johansson’s Jess. Zoë Kravitz and Ilana Glazer play one-time lovers who, after this group’s college heyday, went down their separate schematic paths, one upper-crust and the other crusty hippie. The question isn’t whether, by the end, Kravitz’s Blair, living the Ivanka life of thread counts and high-end real estate, and Glazer’s…

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