GORUCK a mac daddy of endurance events – Georgia News

GORUCK a mac daddy of endurance events – Georgia News

Royston employees complete event developed by former Green Beret


Marshall Dixon, far right holding flag, Kyle Frantz, second from right, and Adam Swartz, gray shirt kneeling on far right, were three in their team of 19. This photo was taken after they completed the challenge.


A patch. An unassuming black-and-white patch embroidered with “GORUCK Tough” was the prize three Royston employees received after completing the most grueling 17-mile trek of their lives.   

But to Marshall Dixon, Kyle Frantz and Adam Swartz that little patch means a heck of a lot more than all the t-shirts, fancy medals and other swag you get at most physical endurance challenges.  


The GORUCK team had to work together to successfully make it to the finish line.

goruck2Inreality, there was quite a lot of walking for the three local men. Seventeen miles of it to be exact – but in GORUCK events “walking” is called “rucking,” which means you wear a weighted backpack called a “rucksack” the entire time. This heavier version of walking also happens in a team setting where members have to work together to carry a variety of heavy, often awkwardly-shaped items all the way to the finish line. For their event, the team of 19 hauled a 110-pound ammunition box, a 200-pound gurney, sand bags and a few other items including an American flag. They also had to wear their rucksack, which was loaded down with 30 extra pounds, and bring along water, their ID and $20 for a taxi in case they quit and needed transportation. 

GORUCK was founded back in 2008 by former Green Beret Jason McCarthy as a rucksack manufacturing…

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